How does it work?

  1. Our 3D scanner, shown below, functions as a 3D photo booth. You stand in the middle on the circular carpet and we take a photo of you. The scanner's 89 cameras take two photos: one to capture the color and texture, and the other to determine the size and shape of the subject.
  2. In 5-10 minutes, a 3D preview of your scan is emailed to you and an account is created for you to view your 3D photos and to order 3D printed statuettes.
  3. Scans that are ordered then get reprocessed to create a higher-quality digital model. A 3D artist then touches-up any imperfections and hollows the scan to reduce printing costs.
  4. Finally, the model is 3D printed using a fine gypsum powder and ink, which can take anywhere from 2-20 hours. Once the statutette has been approved, it is carefully wrapped and packaged and shipped directly to you!


Our 10x10ft photobooth takes instant 3D photos.



The preview gives a spinning view of what your statuette will look like.


Statuettes are full-color and will stand on their own.


How should I prepare for the scan? Are some clothes better than others?

When it comes to the 3D world, not all scans are created equal. To make sure that your scan is as vibrant, detailed, and accurate as possible, follow these tips:

  • Wear bright, patterned clothes. Long pants and maxi dresses look fabulous!
  • Avoid shiny clothes. Sequins, tulle, and other shiny or tranparent materials will decrease the quality of your scan.
  • Don't wear glasses. We can't pick up on the small space between glass and face.
  • Get excited! This is a unique opportunity and we are here to make your 3D photo experience as smooth, seamless, and fun as possible!

How can I order my 3D statuette?


1. Login

Use this link to login to your account.



2. Choose a Scan

Select your favorite 3D photo. Click on "Purchase Prints" to order your own, and "Purchase Link" to share with friends that want to order their own.

3. Choose a Size

Choose the size of your statuette, and add on a Base and Protectant if desired.

4. Enter Your Info

Proceed through the checkout to place your order. You will receive an email confirmation with order details.

When will my statuette arrive?

Statuettes will be shipped within two weeks. We're working on speeding up the process, but editing the digital model, 3D printing, and shipping all take time. We appreciate your patience!

How should I care for my 3D statuette?

Glad you asked! Our statuettes are durable and strong if you take proper care of them. Here are some of our tips on how to keep your statuette safe over the years:

  • AVOID WATER: water causes white spots, and even small droplets can damage the statuette
  • AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT: prolonged exposure will cause the color to fade over time, just like a traditional photo
  • DO NOT DROP: statuettes are safe to handle, but if you drop it, it will break